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Trio Ginga: Press

Hi, Dann,

Though I’m late in getting this note sent to you, I did want to once again express what a wonderful experience Trio Ginga gave our students during our International Education Week with your gorgeous Brazilian music and the fantastic drum circle. After seeing the introductory video of Kenya singing and the group playing, we were looking forward to hearing your music, but your live performance far exceeded our expectations. The musicianship exhibited by your entire ensemble was phenomenal, and the information you provided about the different musical traditions in various parts of Brazil was a wonderful addition for our students. The positive comments we received from students regarding your performance are too numerous to count. We loved having you on our campus and look forward to future visits during our upcoming events.
Thank you for being such an important part of our 2013 Spring International Education Week.


Mechel Camp, PhD
Dean, Communication and Humanities
Dr. Mechel Camp - Jackson State Community College, Jackson, TN
Having Trio Ginga perform for our annual International Night was awesome! They sounded amazing, and Kenyas energy on stage was irresistible. She is a true talent, and her strong voice was only enhanced by the smooth sounds of Trio Ginga. The drumming workshop during intermission was also educational and entertaining and got everyone involved in the performance. We will definitely invite Trio Ginga back to WKU and recommend them to anyone having an event that needs some Brazilian soul!

Trinity Gonzalez
Western Kentucky University
Trinity Gonzalez - Western Kentucky University
Trio Ginga, a swinging Brazilian outfit. The Trio is tight, spare and very danceable while avoiding the same old samba cliches.
P.J. Tobia - Nashville Scene
When Stan Getz, Charlie Byrd, Herbie Mann and a host of other jazz musicians made the pilgrimage to Brazil in the early and mid 60's, they began a series of collaborations that have helped make that nations numerous styles an influential part of the American popular and improvisational fabric. Nashville's Trio Ginga have been offering their own variation on the Jazz/Brazilian mode over the last four years, in the process skillfully mixing elements of familiar American fare (R&B, Jazz and the Blues) with everything from bossa nova and samba to forro and even MPB, Brazil's own mixture of traditional rhythms converging with rock and pop.
Ron Wynn - The Nashville Scene (Nov 19, 2009)


(Jan 27, 2013)